Meaning of the names

DAN :             This name comes from one of the tribes of “The people from the sea” that settled on the Sardinian cost, giving Sardinia its name (Sher-Dan). Traces of these people can be found all around the mediterranean from Greece to Egypt. There are traces even among the 12 tribes of Israel, out of which DAN was the only one which chose not to settle ,but instead to remain free and travel where their boat took theme.

ARGYRÒ :      The ancient greeks called Sardinia Argyrophleps, that means “silver veins”, what better name for our pale beer?

KORRA :         This is how the ancient Sardinians named the Murex. The mollusc that the phoenicians (our ancient relatives) used to extract the color ”purple”, the pigment they used to dye their famous fabrics. We thought this  would be perfect for our amber beer.

TRIGURIA:     This is a complicated name, it's a play on words in the Sardinian language. Our wheat beer, the first traditional wheat beer in Sardinia, was ready to be made a long time ago, but for many reasons the production was delayed and it became our last creation. Mixing the word 'late', that in sardinian is “trigaria” and the word  “wheat”  that is “trigu”, the result is “triguria”.

SA' DEUNU:    Another reference to the Sardinian language. In our “strange” language we don't have ordinals numbers, so to say “the first” we just say “the one of one”. Our Sàdeunu is the first beer we made and its name is the result of mixing  SA (abbreviation of CUSSA, meaning “that”), DE(of) and UNU (one).

GROGA:    This is also a reference to the Sardinian language, it recalls the pale straw color of the beer it refers.